The Rise of the Daily Deal Aggregator

There is an explosion of Daily Deal/Group Buying sites. Great for consumers, except it is too time consuming to track all relevant deals in a given city. Enter the Daily Deal aggregator. These sites accumulate deals from numerous daily deal sites and present the information, by geography, all on one site, in one email to the consumer. This way, the consumer receives all the latest and greatest deals in an easy format. We love aggregators and consumers love them as well.

Much the same way that works for the travel industry, Daily Deal aggregators will become an indispensable tools for consumers to rely on and for daily deal sites to market through. There are many Aggregators that accumulate deals from Canada. In fact, Canada has an incredible amount of aggregators. Truly an explosion. There are over 40 aggregators pulling deals for Canada. For a country population of only 35 million, that is both ridiculous and simply not sustainable. By comparison, the USA only has a handful of aggregators on a population of about 310 million.

Why are there so many aggregators? Simple. Those who wanted to jump into the daily deal business are figuring out that it is not that easy a business to succeed in. In comparison, an aggregator site is rather straight forward, can be developed very quickly, operated by one person and does not have the operational or cost structure that a daily deal site has. Yes there are over 40 sites in Canada, but we anticipate this number to double within a year before it starts dropping.

In Canada, there aren’t many who are making a great living driving revenues from aggregation. Their primary source of revenues are affiliate fees from the daily deal sites. However some of these sites, such as Groupon, only pay in credits and not cash. Therefore limiting the revenue potential for these aggregators. An ingenious way of getting around this is that some aggregators are using these credits to buy deals and then selling the deal vouchers on reselling sites such as Lifesta, Dealsgoround or SellmyDeal. Rather smart.

Here’s a list of the aggregators that pull deals for Canada. For an updated list, please visit our Directory:


42 Promos
All Buys
All Daily Deals
Angry Buys
Buy Battle
Cake Deals
Cities on the Cheap
City Deal Of The Day
Coupon Slap
Daily Deal Fetcher
Daily Deal Tips
Daily Deal Zone
Daily Robber
Deal Briefing
Deal By Day
Deal Catcher
Deal Gator
Deal Jar
Deal Mixr
Deal Page
Deal Radar
Deal Surf
Deal Whistle
Deliver The Deals
Dream Ninja
Great Deal Of The Day
Group Buy United
Miser Mcgee
One Spout
Red Flag Deals
Smart Canucks
Sweet Ontario Deals
Team Buy Daily
Toronto Deals Online
Yahoo Deals

Incredible and ridiculous!

Note that the larger Aggregators on the market are not yet in Canada. More specifically Microsoft’s Bing Deals and The Deal Map. The most popular one in the US is Yipit and they do aggregate certain cities in Canada, but not all. As the market matures, there will be more aggregators for Canada and also clear leaders that emerge. The large internet companies clearly have an advantage.

Our thoughts?

* Some of these aggregator owners should be entrepreneurial and start merging with other aggregators. This will increase viewership and revenues.

* Form partnerships with local portals and associations that have lots of viewers

* Be creative. Affiliate fees are not the only way to drive revenue for aggregators