The “Second Internet”

There are many blogs, many newsletters, much analysis on the Social Media and Social Commerce space….maybe too much. However, I would like to suggest reading for our audience from a source I read often. I highly recommend that you register for their newsletter. I recommend and track this author because he bases his analysis not on opinion and hearsay, but rather on data.

I LOVE data. It is necessary, it is required and it is crucial in making informed decisions. Making decisions based on gut feel, passion or experience is fine, but data is king. Mix this with a solid dose of analysis in the Social media, Social Commerce, Daily Deal and “Second Internet” space and you got Lou Kerner.  Lou is Managing Director of the Private Shares Group within Wedbush Securities’ Equities Division. Prior to this, Lou was Wedbush and Wall Street’s first recognized Social Media equity research analyst.

Here is the recent newsletter he just sent to his members. I asked him if we could share it with our audience. Enjoy and remember to sign up for his future postings.


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