Top Daily Deal Sites in Canada March 2012

Here is our updated list of top deal sites in Canada.

How many Daily Deal websites are there in Canada?
There are about 150 Daily Deal/Group Buying sites in Canada and over 50 aggregators. This is MORE than the USA on a per capita basis. From 1 year ago, this has increased by about 50 on the daily deal side and 20 on the aggregator side. We anticipate about half as many for next year.

Although the presentation shows the top sites in Canada now, this will change by year end. Mostly because of two elements: a lot of the media and publisher companies are still figuring out their daily deal strategy and how best to maximize their returns. These media companies and publishers have huge audiences that will impact the market. The second element is consolidation; even larger players are in play to merge, be bought out or do the buying.

As always, please share the presentation with your own network. That will help continuously promote the Canadian landscape.