Top Daily Deals in Canada Summer 2011

Here is one of our posts that Techvibes graciously published last week:

We published an infographic, (yes, we realize that infographics are overdone…but they look nice) showing the top daily deals in Canada for the Summer months of July, August and September. We only published deals that brought over $200,000 of sales.

So what happened over the Summer in the Daily Deals business in Canada?

* Plenty of Groupon Bashing
* Plenty of journalists, bloggers and media criticizing the daily deal business model and the merchants who use them
* Further expansion of Wagjag and Torstar into niche services such as travel and food and Canada’s first mobile/instant service
* Further expansion of Dealfind into the US
* Further expansion of Tuango across Quebec, emphatically dominating the Daily Deal business in that province
* Solid expansion of Teambuy across the country
* Up and coming sites like Buytopia and Living Deal across the country.
* The aggressive expansion of Travel deals across the Daily Deal industry.

So yes, the Summer has brought on some interesting developments. Some of these developments have included the popularity of certain category of deals. Over the summer months of July, August and September, just two categories dominated the top deals sold; Travel deals and Beauty deals. Yes, restaurants are still extremely popular, but Travel and Beauty deals bring in the sales volume.


Highlights of the infographic:

1. Groupon dominates the top sales across Canada (not in Quebec though..that territory belongs to Tuango). Most of Groupon’s sales are from online travel deals and thus were open to US and Canadian consumers. Groupon sales numbers shown therefore incorporate both Canada and US sales.

2. Travel dominates the top sales categories

3. Beauty service (Spa, Laser treatments, etc) comes in 2nd.

4. Torstar properties Wagjag and produced a good amount of top deals over the Summer

5. Tuango continues to impress with 3 deals over $200,000 for the Summer. This is rather impressive since Tuango really only operates deals in the province of Quebec. Montreal being their largest market. Tuango made the list 3 times whereas other top sites like Living Social, Teambuy, DealoftheDay did not produce any deals over this amount over the summer.


We thank Ronaldmason Consulting for helping us put the InfoGraphic together.


* Picture of Summer 2011 by Camilafsantos