Travel Zoo expanding in Canada

Travel Zoo in the Daily Deal industry? Who are these guys?

Our audience should know more about Travel Zoo because ever since they launched their Daily Deals service in the US, they have exploded as one of the industry leaders. Now they are making waves in Canada.

Travel Zoo, for those that do not know, is a publisher of Travel Deals around the world. They are now making a name for themselves as strong players in the Daily Deals industry, offering travel, entertainment and local deals.

They state that they have over 23 million subscribers world wide. That would make them one of the largest publisher of travel or any other deals on the Internet. Their audience for Canada is not published but we anticipate it to grow rather quickly now that they are expanding with local deals across the country.

Travel Zoo Canada launched a limited number of Daily Deals a while back out of Vancouver. Mostly travel/hotel deals. They also recently had a deal in Ottawa featuring a Bon Jovi concert. Now they are in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, and Vancouver and most certainly other cities coming soon.

Some recent deals and sales numbers have been impressive:
$30 deal for a 3 course Brunch at the Four Seasons in Vancouver: Sold: 2890 Vouchers, $86, 700
$249 2 night whistler getaway: Sold: 709 vouchers, $176,542

The number of subscribers they already have, their existing travel deals publishing business model and their distribution channel will make Travel Zoo Canada one of the leaders in the Daily Deals space in this country soon enough.

Travel Zoo’s Country Manager for Canada is Lara Barlow.



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