Tuango breaks record…AGAIN!

Sure, Groupon is king in the US and they are the top site in Canada as well nationally. But in Canada they have far more competition.

Wagjag, owned by Torstar, beats Groupon at times for the province of Ontario and in Toronto, one of North America’s top Daily Deal markets.
Tuango, partly owned by Torstar also, well, beats the crap out of Groupon and anyone else in the Province of Quebec and certainly for Montreal. Essentially, there is no viable competition for Tuango in Quebec. They quite simply dominate. They understand the market, they appreciate their Quebec based audience and consumers love them. It is estimated that they will generate between $20-$30 million in revenues over the next year JUST IN THE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC and most coming out of Montreal. We write, read and talk a lot about Daily Deals in this country and far too much is printed and discussed concerning Groupon. This industry needs to talk about companies like Tuango far more often.

Here is a breakdown of their latest ridiculous record breaking deal.

Over the summer, Tuango ran a deal for L’Academie restaurants across Montreal. This is a very popular restaurant chain with Montrealers and it ended up selling 10,474 vouchers and generating more than $200,000 in revenues in a few days. That was a Canadian record for a Restaurant daily deal. However, just last week, Tuango promoted a deal for a local Restaurant in the suburbs of Montreal called Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge is also a popular brand in Montreal…but this location was in a distant suburb of Montreal. No matter. Tuango shattered it’s own record. It ended up selling 5,655 vouchers at a higher price level and generated……….$333,645 in sales in a few days for this one location. Incredible. We believe that Tuango will break this record over the next 6 months.

Even more incredible is that this location will have to satisfy 5655 people over a 7 month period when the deal expires. Assuming that everyone uses their voucher, that is about 807 people per month for 7 months. This restaurant needs to give their staff a raise…they will be very busy for the next 7 months.

At this point, we believe that consumers are acting as if Tuango is not a Daily Deal site at all. Meaning, they are acting as if Tuango is more like an eCommerce store. People actually go there to shop as they would any other eCommerce destination, such as Amazon. Except on Tuango, prices are fantastic and people shop in droves. They are certainly one of this country’s and one of North America’s most successful Daily Deal services, especially if you consider that the majority of their sales comes just from Montreal. They are a great case study in “focusing on your geography”. They should be congratulated and celebrated.

If the startup community in Montreal, in Quebec and in Canada is searching for a success story to cheer for, well, take notice of Tuango. (I am now calling the other Baton Rouge locations myself so I can book a reservation and get a spot before Tuango also runs a deal with them and sells like crazy)

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