Tuango shatters Canadian Daily Deal records

We have written much about Tuango.ca over the past year; how they are dominating in Quebec, how they have made every other competitor, including Groupon and Living Social, into distant competitors. The population loves Tuango…not simply because they run valuable deals and offers, but because of how the business is run. Consumers trust them.

Over the course of the past year, Tuango has had several amazing revenue producing offers. Restaurant deals in the hundred of thousands, travel deals, and of course spa deals in the hundreds of thousands as well. However, what occurred last week takes, as they say, the cake!

In mid March, Tuango launched a typical laser hair removal offer for its consumers across Quebec…offered at 21 different spas boutiques across the province. This offer wasn’t anything that the population has not seen before, a $279 offer for unlimited laser hair removal for 3 body parts. A great value for certain, but there have been better offers over the past 6 months, for instance $199 unlimited. Nevertheless, the population took to this deal like bees to honey. The offer concluded just a few days ago and the results are staggering.

Tuango’s final sales for this one offer?  3996 vouchers purchased, for a total revenue of  $1,114,884!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite impressive.

This is, by far, the largest revenue producing deal in the country by many counts:

1. Largest in Canada
2. Largest in Quebec
3. Largest for Laser hair removal
4. Largest for a non-national deals site
5. Largest by a non national deals sites

So why did this deal sell so well? There are 3 answers that I see:

1. First, Tuango’s reach. Yes, they have about 750,000 consumers in their database, but that does not tell the whole story. Tuango also has plenty of media reach in order to let consumers not on their database know of their deals.

2. The spa provided a full year redemption. The average has been 7 months.

3. Time of the year and weather. Yup. The weather was perfect timing for this laser hair removal deal. The weather in Montreal and Quebec has been great for this time of year. It feels more like May than March. This heat brings on feelings of the summer and summer based consumerism. Also, as anyone in the spa business knows, if you are to get laser hair removal, you MUST get your legs or face completed before the summer hits…so you can look good, yes, but also because spas will typically not do legs or the face in the summer because the skin is too sensitive. As such, thousands of consumers (women) jumped all over this Tuango deal in order to get their laser treatments completed before the summer.



It is assumed that Tuango and the Spas split revenues 60/40 (it may very well be more for the merchant given the volume, but let’s assume the average)

The various Spas received: $668,930.40, and Tuango received $445,953.60

So congrats to Tuango and all the best to those spas in servicing the 3996 customers over the upcoming year.

  1. alexjalbert@gmail.com'

    Hi there,

    This deal was not with only one spa but with 21 independant cliniques all accross Quebec. They had really good sales but the clinique themselves didn’t get any “visibility” for their brand or the name of their business.

    • al@canadiandealsassociation.com'

      Thank you Alexandre…we updated the info on the post. Yes, you make a good point about each individual Spa not getting the appropriate visibility as compared to an offer that would have promoted one location or one brand only. Many thanks for the comment.