Upcoming Daily Deal posts

We have taken a bit of time off from posting over the past few weeks. Mostly due to the holidays but also to give my brain a rest from daily deal madness. Quite frankly, we all had better things to do and read than further analysis into this space over the holiday and New Years season.

We are now back and ready to post fresh content and perspectives going forward.

Our next few posts will include the following.

If you have any requests, please pass them along.


  1. We will discuss the concept of large Media companies and how we believe they can compete in this space. The players: Rogers Media, Post Media, Quebecor, Gesca/LaPresse, Glacier Media, Transcontinental, Torstar, Astral, Bell. The game: maximize audience engagement and revenues with a deals strategy. The strategy: Aggregate deals versus a Daily Deals service. We will discuss pros and cons and what we recommend for the likes of Rogers, Post Media and others.
  2. Our own predictions for the upcoming year. We have accumulated thoughts from deal site owners across the country and will provide our list of predictions for the deals space in Canada most likely this week.
  3. We will discuss the abomination that is happening in the deals space right now…it is called selling products….Some deal sites have upto 80% of their inventory as products instead of local offers.  Seems like some deal sites are chasing the revenue and cannot stop selling these items, or they risk losing out on revenues they have come to crave. What was convenient for the holiday season has now turned into a serious strategy shift in this industry. We will put forth our thoughts and consequences of this strategy. This one should be an interesting post and we expect plenty of sharing on this one.
  4. We will update our Daily Deal Ecosystem slide deck that we launched last year. There are several changes that have occurred over the past year that warrant an update to these slides.
  5. Some upcoming interviews with interesting deal sites and executives from across the country.
  6. An update on the selling and buying of deal sites. We are already involved in half a dozen sales at the moment and know of half a dozen more. Sales over the next 6 months will significantly increase as players finally move on from this industry.
  7. We will do our part this year to represent what I call “the others”. These are deal sites that hardly get any mention in the press, yet they are putting up numbers that are impressive and deserve to be mentioned and discussed far more often. We mention the larger players all too often, however the industry does not revolve around these 5-7 players. There are over 150 deal sites in Canada and we will do our part to highlight some special ones.


Lot’s more to come, stay tuned and we look forward to sharing our thoughts and insight with you over what is sure to be an exciting year ahead.