Wagjag expands to offer food items

Groupon is Canada’s #1 daily deal site, but Wagjag is the #1 Canadian site and closing in on Groupon’s lead.

Wagjag (torstar) has been on a role in terms of Product development lately.


Let’s fill you in:

* They came out with Wagjag Express, similar to Groupon NOW.

* They launched a travel service called Jaunt.ca from Travelalerts, and some of the sales there are tremendous

* And this week they launched their service called “Grocers“, daily deals specifically on food items.

This new Grocers product seems to be in partnership with local Canadian food import/export distribution company called Export Packers.

The service is only available in the Toronto area for now.

Our take:

Yes, a good idea. However, Foodscrooge out of Toronto seems to be promoting the exact same deals at the same prices from Export Packers. Quite odd. RestoBoom out of Montreal offers deals on Restaurants and will also be offering groceries and other food items. Food and grocery costs are top of mind for families. Providing daily deals on these items actually helps with “needs” as opposed to simply helping with “wants” (spa services).

We are unsure if Wagjag’s intention is to always use Export Packers for the food items they promote or if they will extend deals on other food items from other sources. We’d also like know figure out this Foodscrooge thing. Regardless, look for Wagjag to continue to launch other niche categories on its quest to becoming the country’s top daily deal site.

  1. fft75@hotmail.com'

    WagJag bought FoodScrooge, and re-branded it as WagJag Grocery.