The following represents a sample set of services the Canadian Deals Association will be providing the industry and it’s membership. In addition, there will be services specific for each membership category (Daily Deal Industry, Couponing, Aggregators, Flash Sales, Portals, etc).

Our objective is always to help our members and the industry grow and prosper. For an in depth look at all services and benefits offered to CDA members, please request access to our membership guide.

Services & Benefits of Membership include:

PR & Advocacy

We ensure that the voice of our members are well represented and heard by media, merchant groups, consumer groups, governments and regulatory agencies. The Deals industry suffer from an enormous amount of bad press and a lack of positive media attention. There are too many articles of “what went wrong” as opposed to articles, stories and case studies about retailers that truly benefit from these types of promotions. One of the main goals of the CDA is to continuously provide and work with media and industry outlets on positive stories, articles and case studies surrounding deal campaigns. Collectively we must all promote the benefits of our industry or no one else will.

Association by Membership

Deal providers, brokers, retailers or individuals who choose to participate and support the CDA receive a slew of benefits. One of which is an identifiable “Members Only” emblem/logo to display to the industry. This signifies that the CDA  has acknowledged your business or you personally as a key participate in the Canadian Deals industry.

Marketing Intelligence, Research & Data

There isn’t much research in Canada pertaining to this industry. We will diligently work at providing our members and the industry with pertinent data and research so members can stay well informed and take action.

Consulting & Advisory Services

Businesses all need a helping hand and some guidance or advice. As such, we are making some consulting & advisory services available to our members and the industry in order to help propel their business, strategy or project forward. Please visit our Consulting services section to determine if we can be of help.

Case Studies & Actionable Proof

There is nothing quite as effective than a before and after shot in a decoration magazine to inspire the reader. Such is the case with Retail Case Studies. Unfortunately others do not take the time to publish many. We will work with various groups within the industry and publish exactly how and why their deal campaigns succeeded. For instance: a retailer promoting a daily deal with a deal provider, an offer through an affiliate network, or a mobile coupon.

Merchant Knowledge Center

Retailers need knowledge. How else are they to understand the details of how to run a successful deals campaign. It is simply not enough to wax poetic about the overall benefits, details must be provided. We, at the Canadian Deals Association, will publish a Merchant’s Portal and continuously add documents, case studies, presentations, FAQs, Videos, How-To guides, tools and other resources to help Merchants & Retailers leverage the power of deal marketing.

Buying & Selling

There are always opportunities to buy or sell a deals business. We make it a point to keep in contact with those that are selling or buying and help broker a relationship that is suitable for both parties. Please visit our Buyer & Seller page for further details.

Merchant Relations

A large part of what we do is public relations across the retail industry; promoting the advantages of “Deal Marketing” to the retail and merchant community. We will be working with and communicating with leading organizations such as the Retail Council of Canada, Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association, the Retail Merchants Association, the Hotel Association of Canada and their provincial and municipal counterparts.

Events and Networking

There is a need for face time; for the industry to get together and review presentations, research, network or discussions from peers. We are working on various events including regional ones that focus exclusively on the needs of our membership. If you have feedback on the types of events you would like to participate in, please let us know.

CDA Awards

We need to celebrate and promote the successes of our industry. A good start is with the industry’s first and only Awards Campaign. Nominate your favourites here.



Visit the membership section to review a list of services and benefits specific to your category. Whether you are a Daily Deal providers, Coupon provider, Flash sales site, technology supplier, consultant or an industry professional, we have a membership program specifically for you.

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