Yellow Pages Deals API; it can significantly impact the market

Yellow Pages Deals API; it can significantly impact the market

There are many tech services and platforms available in the deals space in the United States that are simply not available in Canada. Be they deal networks, mobile deal discovery, merchant deal management or other. The lack of these tech services in Canada curtails further innovation from developers who can leverage these platforms to develop other complementary offerings. However, the Yellow Pages API in Canada has, what we believe, can be  a platform that can significantly impact the market.

The Yellow Pages API enables developers to accomplish two important things:

  1. Access business listings by location or by category of product
  2. Access Deals API allows you to stream top Canadian Deals & Coupons into your applications.

Using the largest geo-localized Deals & Coupons database from RedFlagDeals, Yellow pages is enabling developers to deliver a large amount of deals to users. The developers figure out the best way to deliver their service and let the Yellow Pages API figure out the data delivery.

Developers and Publishers can build services that offer deals in a city, for a specific category or provide deals as a complement to content that the publisher already providers. In any of these cases, the technical aspect and headache of sourcing Canadian based deals can now be outsourced to the Yellow Pages. For anyone that has tried sourcing deals and coupons properly, you know the difficulty and the tediousness of it all. In using a deal API, the publisher can now focus on building out and marketing their core service and not investing in tech development just to source deals. The main reasons we like the Yellow Pages API are as follows:

  • It provides Canada’s largest deals & coupons database, from
  • They state that the deal content they provide is relevant and cleaned daily
  • Deal data can be Geo targeted beyond simple city parameters
  • In some cases, the Yellow Pages also provides commissions to developers who utilize the deals API.
  • The Yellow Pages is provide their API to developers and publishers for FREE!

There are other Deal APIs available in North America, however none that have the depth of Canadian deal content that is required to provide a quality service in Canada. In our opinion, a good Deal API includes local daily deals, online daily deals, local coupons, online coupons, directory based coupons. We have worked with many deal APIs and helped others work with deal APIs over the years. There are only 2 that we would recommend for Canada at the moment. One of them is the Yellow Pages API.

If the Yellow Pages does their job effectively, then they can greatly impact the deals and coupon market in Canada by adding hundreds, if not thousands, of niche publishers using their DealsAPI across the country and making local deals, offers and coupons far more accessible to millions of consumers across Canada. We look forward to seeing how creatively the DealsAPI has been used by the end of the year.

Further information about the Yellow Pages API can be found here.

If you’d like to speak with us about the various applications that a deals API can be used for to enhance your own strategies, then please do not hesitate to contact us.