Yellowpages revamps RedFlagDeals™, this week announced some major upgrades to their service and site. Not only have they redesigned their site, they have upgraded their logo, and more importantly launched a new mobile application showcasing one of the largest deals database in Canada, including daily deals.

RedflagDeals numbers are impressive, over 1.5 million monthly visitors and approximately 4 million shoppers for the Holiday season. Having more people access deals on the new overhauled RedFlagDeals mobile app will most certainly increase conversions and sales.

Dererk Szeto, General Manager and founder of RedflagDeals has certainly established the service as a leader in the country and has grown the Daily Deal service of Redflagdeals, called DealoftheDay, to a leadership position across the country as well. We have stated before that DealoftheDay, with the power of Redflagdeals and the Yellow Pages behind it, should be leading the country in Daily Deal sales. Their ability to reach merchants is second to none and their access to consumers is impressive. However, like most larger firms, the YellowPages has their own internal challenges and we are certain that the overhaul of RedFlagDeals, including it’s new mobile abilities, was a refreshing milestone for Derek Szeto and others involved. In Canada, the leading deal sites are Groupon, Wagjag, Dealfind, Teambuy, Living Social, Tuango and DealoftheDay. As the Yellow pages continues to improve it’s overall local commerce strategy, the potential for DealoftheDay across the country is very promising.

We checked out their new app and we like it’s clean design and simplicity. They have a useful feature called “Around Me” which shows deals within your vicinity. A useful feature to have. And of course, Daily Deals can be searched and viewed on the app as well. Good and simple design, it is now on my phone, I need a new laptop and we’ll see if I can find something interesting on RedflagDeals.

Now, I must mention that I am a bit confused with the Yellow Pages in terms of their strategy with RedFlagDeals mobile and their new service called Shopwise. Both are apps to search for deals, both are from the Yellow Pages, both show regular deals and both show Daily Deals. Both show the same deals. What exactly is the differentiating factor of one versus the other? I am using both as I type this and I cannot really tell major differences that would make me use one over the other. I believe that the Redflagdeals mobile service is using the YellowAPI to grab and show deals. As a consumer, which one does the Yellow Pages want me to use? Which one is for me? Please choose one and invest all your efforts in it, making it an industry leading service. Right now, it is a bit confusing as to which I should use and why.

I had the pleasure of meeting the folks who developed Shopwise at the YellowPages and they were really excited about it’s potential. There has also been good PR and marketing surrounding Shopwise. All the while, though, I can’t help but think about RedFlagDeals mobile and wondering what course does the Yellow Pages have for both of these applications. Are they geared towards different audiences? Will they have the same deals or will one provide more features? aggregates all daily deals from deal sites across Canada as well. Will this be a feature of the Redflagdeal app or the Shopwise app, or neither? To be clear, both of these apps are good, well designed and provide consumers with easy access to key deals information.

I would love for someone at the YellowPages to comment on this post or give me a call to chat about this.


  1. Hello Albert – I am in charge of Public Relations at Yellow Pages Group, and will hopefully be able to provide you with more insight.

    Although the new mobile app and ShopWise app both feature the same type of deals (it represents one of the largest deals database in Canada), the end user is different. targets its community – savvy consumers always on the lookout for deals, who like to share information on the Forum section and suggest deals. ShopWise targets the iPhone Mom and anybody who likes to shop “smart”, by saving time of money.

    I’d be happy to provide you with more insight, if needed.




      Thank you for the insight Hind. I will take you up on your offer and get in touch. I believe the industry should know more about how YPG, RFD, Mediative, Shopwise and DealoftheDay all work towards the local commerce goal of helping merchants connect with the right consumer. Looking forward to our conversation.